Our Brands

 A. Sanity ware

  1. Kaldewei

GERMAN manufacturer of high-quality steel enamel bathtubs

  • 30 years Guarantee on steel enamel surface
  • Good weight for easier assembly and transportation
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • UV and heat resistant
  • Chemical resistant, easy to clean and hygienic
  • Dimensionally stable
  1. Innoci

GERMAN brand for toilets, basins, faucets and accessories

  • Strongly driven by the modern and delicate spirit of its origin, Germany
  • Dedicated with Europe advanced technology application and meet German stringent quality standards
  1. Delta

AMERICAN brand specialized in premium faucets and accessories

  • Best faucet brand in America with more than 56% of market share
  • America's faucet leader in applying innovate technology to bathroom and kitchen devices
  • Wide rage of collections from tradition to contemporary with various finish options
  1. Brizo

AMERICAN brand for luxury faucets and accessories

  • Luxury fitting brand for sanitary ware
  • Create high-end collections that are constantly pushing the limits on design, craftsmanship and innovation
  • Collaborate with many renowned fashion designer and fashion brands to bring pieces of art in bathroom designs
  1. Bounty Brassware

AUSTRALIAN brand for floor grate  with tiles as a finished  surface

  • Superior quality floor grate with titles as a finish surface creates a unique delicate bathroom space
  • Resist exposure to a range of weather and climate conditions, even salty water
  1. UVS Floor Drain

odor-prevent, backflow-prevent, insect-prevent floor drain ... with 1-way copper valve

  • The product is made of chrome-plated brass, Inox304.
  • Material is resistant to all weather and climate conditions, especially salt water
  1. Aliseo

GERMAN brand for bathroom accessories, hairdryer especially outstanding for  cosmetic mirror

  • Variety of product designs, luxury styles, and European quality standards.
  • Conventional cosmetic mirrors or lighted mirrors which add a touch of modern style to enhance bathrooms look

B. Security equipment

  • Surveillance solutions from renowned brands e.g. Sony (Japan), Avigilon (Canada), HDParagon (Taiwan)
  • Security devices with advanced image transmission technology, anti-glare, anti-sunlight and electric light, resistant to all weather conditions