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Bounty Brassware Pty. Ltd. was established in Australia in 1996 by Timothy George Lucas to address the lack of quality floor grates (floor drains), sink drains, and other plumbing products available in the Australian market at that time. Now these innovative products are being approved by the North American certifying Authority, IAPMO, and are being imported by Bounty Brassware Americas, LLC to serve the North American, South American and Caribbean regions and to allow greater access to ingenious Australian Designer products.

The Pop Down®  -WHY?

The Bounty Brassware Pop Down® drain is a new type of pop-up waste that turns the problems of the pop-up wastes on their head! One reason the Pop Down® is so effective is that it eliminates the core problem with traditional pop-up "click-clack" wastes,  That is, the traditional pop-up drains get stuck in the closed position with a basin full of water and there is no way of releasing that water or accessing the stuck mechanism to solve the problem with out a plumber and a big mess.

The Pop Down® drain solves this problem by allowing the cartridge to be removed easily from both its open and closed positions. When an old school pop-up drain gets stuck, there is no way to fix it without calling the plumber. You have a sink full of water with a seized pop-up waste stuck in its closed position. The only solution is to come from under the sink and undo the entire plumbing connection to the basin. Always an expensive exercise, a hassle, and a very inconvenient prospect. Should a Pop Down® drain ever get stuck - and more on why that will rarely happen later - you can simply pull the Pop Down cartridge out of the waste outlet in the basin and the water will flow out. If the cartridge has indeed seized up they could not be easier to replace. Simply unscrew the top finished button from the Pop Down cartridge and attach to a new cartridge.

So, now let's look at why the Pop Down® waste is less likely to seize up in the first place when compared with the traditional pop-up Waste. The secret lies in how we have utilized the cartridge inside of the Pop Down Waste.  By turning the cartridge mechanism upside down, we reduce the amount of gunk and grit that is able to enter the mechanism causing potential malfunction. The typical pop-up mechanism has a key-way as part of the design; this key-way provides an entry point for gunk and grit to get into the inner workings, causing problems. In the Bounty Brassware Pop Down Waste we use not only a high quality mechanism with stainless steel springs, we have also inverted the mechanism so that this entry point is shielded from water flow so that gunk does not flow into the mechanisms' inner workings. And, the cartridge has been tested in a laboratory for 10,000 open/close cycles with out failing.

Is this the world's best pop-up Waste? YES, the Bounty Brassware Pop Down™ is the world's best pop-up waste. Clever thinking from Down Under has turned pop-up wastes into Pop Down® Wastes that look better, operate better and are better! The Pop Down® is fully protected by international design registration and world wide patents pending.

Bounty Brassware is the trusted name in designer bathroom fittings, combining clever designs with superior quality to enhance your bathroom’s look, feel and function.

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